The Cakepreneur

The Cakepreneur

Do you want to turn your baking skills into a profitable and successful business? Look no further! “The Cakepreneur” is the ultimate guide that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, revealing the secrets of the business side of cake making that traditional cake schools often overlook.

About Book

A journey of self discovery, navigating the business of baking and decorating cakes. Things cake school does not teach you.

The Cakepreneur” is the ultimate guide to starting, growing and scaling a successful cake business. Written by a seasoned professional with years of experience in the industry, this book is packed with practical tips, strategies, and techniques for building and managing a profitable cake business

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What you will learn from the Cakepreneur

Inside, you’ll learn how to
  • Develop a business plan
  • Manage your finances
  • Make and sell your products
  • Improve your productivity

The Cakepreneur; a summary of chapter 1-5.

THE CAKEPRENEUR is a 192-page book with 10 chapters:

CHAPTER ONE  discussed illustratively the importance of knowing your 'why' as you journey through your business. It also stressed the fact that whether your dream is big or not, there should be no room for guilt. What is important is how you make your dream manifest.

It stresses the fact that regardless of how presumed big or small your dreams are. They are valid and you should not feel guilty for wanting more or less. 

The third chapter of The Cakepreneur discussed Building a profitable business with relatable and precise steps. Every business seeks to make profit, and it can only be achieved when the essential processes are followed.

Emphasizes on how positioning your brand on the vital aspect of setting a profitable price for your products. It emphasizes how the way you position your brand plays a significant role in determining the appropriate pricing strategy for your cakes. Remember, not every product is meant for everyone, and understanding your target market is key.

Other topics discussed in the book include:

 Identifying your buyers and different customer personalities and how to deal with them the best way, Simple strategies to help you sell you cakes on a low marketing budget,
Mentoring, How to have a real life outside of work, Dealing with fear and insecurities, and Alternative streams of income as a baker etc.


Who's this book for?

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur just starting out or an experienced professional looking to take your business to the next level, this book has something for everyone. With step-by-step guidance, real-world examples, and expert advice “The Cakepreneur is the essential resource for anyone looking to turn their passion for baking into a thriving business If you’re ready to take the leap and start your own cake business this book is for you.

As a seasoned professional looking to take their business to the next level or expand your current offerings, the Cakepreneur offers expert guidance to help you scale your business and ultimately improve your profits


Have We Met?

Hi there, my name is Oluwakemi Abibat Babalola-Adedoyin, Creative Director at Habeebah Cakes n Confectionery, a cake studio located in the serene city of Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, I am also the Chief Instructor at the Habeebah cake online academy where we teach new and emerging bakers’ different techniques on cake decorating to help grow their business. We have enrolled over 1000 students in different courses, from different countries across the world. We have created different online courses across different cake decorating topics including my signature course “The Perfect wedding cake formula Revamp!

Oluwakemi Abibat Babalola-Adedoyin
Creative Director at Habeebah Cakes n Confectionery

What Readers Are Saying

This book I will call the MBA of cake decorating business. It covers all aspects of the business and more. The interview with seasoned bakers was a great add-on, I was so happy to see storytelling as part of this book. I’m so proud of you and this book”.

Mrs Kehinde Gbelee

Kogsy Sugarcraft Center

“This book teaches beyond the challenges of a baker, it is a whole business handbook. Thank you for blessing me with the word you put together”.

Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju


The CAKEPRENEUR is indeed a vital business resource tool.

The Author not only shared relatable experiences but also gave practicable tips and strategies to building a profitable business irrespective of your geographical location.

The cakepreneur rekindled my lost passion for reading as a researcher. It not only instilled in me the confidence I need, but also revealed so many pitfalls in my business and how to overcome them and I can confidently say a better version of me as an entrepreneur keeps evolving everyday.

Suffice me to say this book shouldn’t just be called the cake preneur but the ENTREPRENEUR MANUAL as it cuts across every sector and type of business.

Janeys treat