Are you a passionate Cake decorator feeling stuck in the 'survival mode' of your business?

Are you a cake business owner feeling the squeeze of 2024? Inflation soaring, high cost of baking materials,  growth stagnant, and the dream of a thriving business fading? You’re not alone. To thrive in this business era, you need to re-strategize, positioning your business for opportunities and devising plans to mitigate external impacts.

From rock bottom to thriving business:
This sweet success stories can be yours!

Discover the proven strategies to Turn Your Passion into Profit with the Cake Business Mastery Bootcamp

Are you a passionate home baker or just starting out in the cake business? Do you lack essential business skills and feel unsure about how to survive or grow your business? Or perhaps you’ve been in the cake business for a while but struggle to make sales, gain visibility, and turn a good profit. If any of these situations sound familiar, you need an expert like myself and Odunayo. 

We’ve been in your shoes and understand the challenges you face. We’ve invested time and money in attending professional business growth workshops and learning from successful mentors in the cake industry. Let us share our strategies with you and help you take your business to the next level.

Ready to replicate our success stories?

Introducing the Cake Business Mastery Bootcamp, a comprehensive 60-day workshop designed exclusively for cake entrepreneurs like you. This program includes empowering sessions featuring video lessons, PDF documents, and templates, along with weekly/monthly accountability sessions to keep you on track. The main goal is to empower you to set realistic goals and develop step-by-step plans to achieve them.

In this 60-days online transformation program we will reveal the exact strategies myself  & Mrs. Odunayo of Odunscreamcakes used to:

  • Launch our businesses with confidence: Craft a clear vision and actionable plan for your dream cake business.
  • Conquer self-doubt: Develop an abundance mindset and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Thrive in the present economy: Learn to adapt and prosper despite inflation and other challenges.
  • Maximize profits: Set the right prices, attract high-paying clients, and boost your bottom line.
  • Build a loyal customer base: Master marketing and sales techniques to attract and retain dream clients.
  • Simplify our finances: Manage your business finances with ease and confidence.
  • Go digital and grow: Build a powerful online presence and reach new customers through social media.

The Cake Business Mastery Bootcamp is Designed for ambitious Cake Business owners like you ready to break free from "hustling" and achieve sustainable growth.

Of course, this Bootcamp is for bakers like you:

  • Feeling the pinch of inflation: Rising costs got you worried? We’ll help you strategize, adapt, and thrive in this new econonmy.
  • Craving an accountability partner: Stop feeling lost at sea. We’ll hold you accountable and guide you toward your goals.
  • Done with the “hustle” grind: Ready to achieve real success? We’ll show you how to work smarter, not harder.
  • Dreaming of the next level: Take your cake business from “good” to great with our proven strategies and support.
  • Seeking a mentor who’s been there: Learn from someone who’s faced similar challenges and emerged victorious.


Course Outline

Module 1: Goal Settings and Vison Board

In this module you will:

Module 2: Business Review

In this module we're going to:

Module 3: Product and customer review

In this module, we'll help you identify:

Module 4: Sales and Marketing

In this module you will Discover how to:

Module 5: Business Structure

In this Module you will learn:

Module 6: Pricing Strategies

In this module, you'll find out about:

Module 7: Alternative streams of income

In this module, we will explore:

Module 8: Book Review and Planning session for Q2

Creating plans for 2nd quarter of 2024

After Completing this Bootcamp you should,

  • Understand the basics of running a successful cake decorating business, and if you already have one, learn how to thrive and grow it.

  • Create a simple pricing plan for your business.

  • Overcome your fears of growing a successful business.

  • Elevate your business with an effective marketing strategy.

  • Feel more confident in your skills and be able to charge what you’re worth.

  • Work efficiently and achieve better results.

  • Attract new customers and keep the ones you already have.


Is your cake business stuck in the oven? It's time to turn up the heat!

Join the exclusive Cake Business Mastery Bootcamp and discover the secrets to success in the baking industry.

Enrollment is now open


Early Bird Ends 20th February, 2024

  • Bootcamp Date:4th March, 2024
  • Online - Zoom for the calls, whatsapp for accountability and support


Success Stories: Hear What Our Cake Business Mastery Bootcamp Graduates Have to Say!”


Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for a duration of 60 Days. However you automatically become a member of my inner circle and so you have access to me anytime. we will have a whatsapp group as well as a personalized Facebook group for accountability and support.

  • Weekly 2-hour calls on Zoom with experts(Sundays)
  • Video lessons on selar
  • Personalized Coaching and mentoring calls
  • Accountability tracking
  • Assignments
  • Personalized WhatsApp group

Not all videos will be downloadable especially videos in the school area. All support materials in PDF form will be downloadable.

No we do not offer refunds as we are dedicated to helping you achieve results.
Absolutely!!! Anytime Anyday!!!
No! only questions within the course will be entertained. However if need be I will be happy to help.

You need your mobile device, laptop,desktop or tablet and good internet access and you can take the program from anywhere. howevever you can only access the course with max of 2 devices

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